Mahina, snacking by the water's edge

terrace - seafront
Mahina, snacking by the water's edge

In the north of Basse-Terre, this restaurant-tapas bar enjoys exceptional location and offers varied cuisine.

Amid the small and sheltered Deshaies community, a charming restaurant settled right across the bay: well-known by regulars, Mahina offers a gorgeous panorama over surrounding nature. The establishment relies on a relaxing atmosphere, be it for lunch or a simple late-afternoon snack. In order to fully enjoy the experience, remember to book a table and you will have access to a splendid view over the sailboats moored in the bay.
Witness a pretty extensive menu: from landmark fresh fish to grilled meat, copious tapas platters, pasta and pizza, the variety of dishes leaves giddy. As it should be, local specialities include the making of the ti punch (which you will be able to dose out yourself by adding sugar and lemon) and the Planter's punch, considered to be one of the best in the region. Enjoy them in moderation, while you witness the sun vanishing below the horizon.

139, boulevard des poissonniers
97126 Deshaies


+33 (0)5 90 88 95 38

Menu: from 17 EUR