Fish fest on La Désirade!

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Fish fest on La Désirade!

At Lagranlag, fish is cooked and honoured in all its forms: grilled, stewed, in a broth… however you like it!

It takes just 45 minutes to reach this island so desired and thus named by Columbus' crew. If you go there, taste the cuisine of Chantal, and try to do so for lunch. In Beauséjour, between the pier and ‘Fifi' Beach, is Lagranlag, an unpretentious shed of local colours, but with excellent cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

The fish menu displays French and Creole dishes with gourmet flavours. Specialties include such creations as conch fricassee or lobster with the famous gratin of vegetables grown on La Désirade.

Not to mention the homemade dessert, Lagranlagaise, inspired by the local specialty, coated ice syrup with cashew fruit, of which only the islanders know the secret. You can also taste another local specialty, ti' punch with local olives. What a programme of Désiradien flavours!

97127 La Désirade

+590 (0)5 90 20 01 00

Menu: around 18 EUR