Coco Kafé: an open kitchen between land and sea

Coco Kafé: an open kitchen between land and sea

A chic and contemporary restaurant in the heart of the Le Gosier Marina that offers custom-made cuisine. Gastropub for some; for others, a bistro.

The Coco Kafé looks great by the boats. It seems like a docked ship, with its boat-deck terrace and parasol sails. Do you feel like going for a sail and watching the boats? Head along the boardwalk to grab a table at the water's edge.

Nature is outside, inside, everywhere, with Zen decoration of exotic plants, rocks, and water in a 100% wooden structure. The space, like its kitchen that opens on to the restaurant, is warm and exudes modernity.

This is the home of chef Jean-Claude Valvason, who writes up his slate based on what he's found at the market and from the fishmongers. Daily specials are added to a menu founded on traditional cuisine and specialties of Guadeloupe. Sirloin steak, grilled sea bass, sole or papaya sauerkraut, duo of bream or the Coco Kafé specialities, the famous Coco Maïpo chicken, served on a griddle, or the chicken supreme soufflé with foie gras and thinly chopped duxelles mushrooms. If you still have room for dessert, the Coco Kafé coupe is irresistible. An all-round treat, especially at night: when all the candles are lit, the atmosphere is magical.

Coco Kafé
Place Créole La Marina
97190 Le Gosier

+590 (0)5 90 93 63 02

Menu: around 30 EUR