On all Joon flights, dive into the latest must-see TV shows or scroll through our selection of online videos, news programs, concerts...

Endless entertainment!

Calling all TV lovers: you'll have a lot to watch. Classic or new, there will always be an episode to watch.

How do I use YouJoon?

1. Download the YouJoon app before your flight. (iOS) (Android)
2. Once on board, connect to the Joon WiFi network.
3. Open the app, plug in your headphones and jump into your streaming media marathon!

Thanks to the USB outlets available at each seat, you'll never run out of power.

RedBullTV and Viceland

We've picked the best videos from the web. RedBullTV, ViceLand, Brut and many others, exclusively for your eyes.

Oh! We're already here

Connect to our online portal to access all Joon content directly on your mobile device or tablet.

On intercontinental flights...

Along with YouJoon, enjoy all of the Air France entertainment options. Get a front row seat to the show with your individual, high-definition video screen!

A movie theater in the sky

No matter your travel cabin, time flies by with Joon! Imagine 1,200 hours of on-demand entertainment: 200 movies, TV shows, 700 music albums, games… available during your trip on your individual video screen. And for your children, choose from our selection of movies, cartoons, games… There's no time to get bored!

A laboratory of innovation

Find yourself in a real, private movie theater! Joon offers a 180° immersive viewing experience with 3D glasses, at €15 per flight. On a big, HD screen, just like at the movies! Gear up and dive into our selection of movies and documentaries, in 3D or 2D for the most recent options.
In the Business cabin, a noise-reducing headset that's built into your seat lets you immerse yourself in an incredible cinema experience! In the Economy and Premium Economy cabins, we provide earbuds, which you can take with you!
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