When should you arrive at the airport?

A punctual flight schedule is one of your top priorities, and it is one of ours as well.
Aim to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight's departure so you can check in, drop off your baggage and calmly complete all security checkpoint formalities.

Do you think you might arrive later? Don't worry about it. But keep the following schedule in mind so that your departure is as smooth as possible!

Check-in deadline

You can check in and drop off your baggage up until the check-in deadline.

Boarding deadline

You can enter the aircraft up until the boarding deadline.


This is the moment when the aircraft leaves the gate before takeoff.
Does your trip include a connection? Please take into account each flight's destination to know which deadlines you need to remember.

Check-in deadline

To find your flight's Check-In Deadline, please select your point of departure from the list below.

For each destination, we will specify how long before your flight's departure check-in closes:

For example: if you're leaving from Paris-Charles de Gaulle 2 for another city in France, check-in closes 40 minutes before your departure time.

Please select your point of departure

Unaccompanied minors
Is your child traveling alone? At the airport, please see our agents with your child at least 30 minutes before his or her flight's check-in deadline.

Boarding deadline

Please remember your boarding deadline. After this time, you will not be able to board the aircraft:
  • 15 minutes before the departure time, between Paris-Orly and metropolitan France destinations.
  • 20 minutes before the departure time, for all other flights.

Departure time

Find your flight's departure time on your boarding pass or see our page, Status for Air France Flights.

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